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2022’s Top Creatives to Watch Now: Shira Danitra




What would you title this chapter in your life?
Obedience. I want to be obedient to myself and do all the things I said I would.

What inspires you and your career?
My family most definitely. They’re the ones I work so hard for because they are the most important people in my life.

How did you develop the social media platform you have as an influencer today?
It took some time and patience, honestly. I started taking my social media seriously only a few years ago. As I became consistent, that’s when my platform started to grow.

What’s the biggest challenge you come across as an influencer?
Balancing life online and life in the flesh maybe. These days it’s so easy to get sucked into your phone/laptop with work, but I’m learning to be more present and aware of life in front of me.

In what ways do you wish to inspire people through your platform?

I really just want to inspire people to go for the things they want, especially stay at home moms like myself. I stay home and take care of my kids, but at the same time I’m still doing something for myself.

What’s at the top of your bucket list for 2022?
Combating my anxiety for sure. It’s not the most fun thing to have on your bucket list but, in order to do the other fun exciting things on my list, I have to knock this one out first.

What’s a trend that never goes out of style in your life?

Three beauty products you cannot live without?
Mascara, blush, and lipgloss.

What’s a typical work day like for you?
It’s hectic! I have 3 kids and they don’t always cooperate when it comes to Mommy’s time to work. So I have good and bad days when it comes to creating content.

What advice do you have for someone who aspires to have a career like your own?
Go for it. Don’t think about it, just do it. If you think and ponder on it for too long, you’ll talk yourself out of it. If it’s something you dream of doing and something you really want to do, reach for the stars and get it done.

Are you working on any exciting projects you can share?

None that I can share.

What’s something people would be surprised to know about you?
I’m actually very goofy. I love to laugh until I cry and crack jokes A LOT. Online I tend to freeze up a bit because I’m still not used to so many people watching me, but the ones I’m close to in person know how outrageous I really am.

Biggest highlight in your career?
Working with brands I never thought I’d ever work with.

Last song you played?
“Moth to a Flame” by Swedish House Mafia & The Weeknd.

What would you like to say to your fans?
Thank you. I wouldn’t have a platform to do what I love without you.

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