Modes of Travel | December3rd, 2018

Argos In Cappadocia


Uchisar, Cappadocia, Turkey

Sunrise in Cappadocia, Turkey. A sea of color begins its daily ascent filling the skies with scores of hot air balloons floating above the surreal landscape of natural rock formations that define the valleys formed millions of years ago in this semi-arid region of central Turkey. Airborne, a breathtaking panorama extends to snow-capped Mount Erciyes, the only sound the firing of the balloons cruising above the seemingly endless maze of stone. Sculpted by natural forces and adapted by human hands, views encompass defined dwellings, caves, cone shaped “fairy chimneys” in a magical, mystical, otherworldly scene.  Only an hour flight from Istanbul, this natural wonder is Turkey’s national treasure ranking high on seasoned travelers’ global bucket lists. To experience this spectacle from above and by foot through the open air museums that reveal rocks carved through eons of time, from earliest cave dwellers to early Christians, to monastic sects and modern hotels, is to travel paths illuminating the history of mankind. Awe inspiring churches open from hidden doorways into cavernous frieze and fresco decorated splendor. Dwellings occupied from mankind’s earliest branches emerging from the African continent have been revealed, many revisioned into beautiful contemporary hotel rooms and posh wine cellars. Travelers and tourists have sought and found welcome and refuge here throughout time, and now Modeliste invites you to share its timeless beauty. From dramatic sunrises to stunning sunsets, this unique destination offers unforgettable vistas and moments of wonder.

Capturing the history and mystery of this region, hotel Argos in Cappadocia, transcends its origins as a Byzantine Christian monastery now transformed into an award winning boutique luxury hotel in Old Uchisar Village. The monks who first built these stone walls once welcomed pilgrims traversing roadways from the Middle East to Europe, and now the Argos welcomes international visitors to this magical land with style and exemplary service. An underground maze of tunnels once connected cave chambers which now exceed all expectations revisioned as luxurious guest rooms and suites, some with plunge pool or fireplace, all with modern high end bathrooms, top amenities, seating, free WiFi, iPod docks, and sumptuous beds and linens with pillow choices for ultimate sleep comfort.

Authenticity is the heart of Argos in Cappadocia with highlights of regional arts and artifacts in the distinctive decor throughout, featured in the warmth of the guest rooms, the SEKI restaurant with its top dining, welcoming bar and lounge, and renowned wine cellar with a curated collection of wines from local and regional vineyards. Stunning views across the Guvercinlik Valley landscape from SEKI restaurant and lounge enhance the dining experience. SEKI boasts a menu inspired by local culture and cuisine with savory taste sensations featuring unique soups and salads, lamb and duck specialties, freshest quality ingredients including farm fresh herbs and produce, local goat cheeses, and enticing desserts with unique combinations like walnut and molasses tahini mousse and a divine pumpkin oven delight. Select wines from their impressive cellar complement each dish, with romance sparked beside a crackling fire beneath a canopy of endless stars. The natural wonders of Cappadocia have awed all who have had the privilege of encountering its unique valleys and human history. Experiencing the vast naturescape from a hot air balloon or touring the open air museums on foot brings the past alive. Retreating to the ultimate comforts of a stay at Argos in Cappadocia invites reflection on the beauty and timelessness of this Turkish treasure.






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