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Ghanerao Royal Castle



Rajasthan, India

India is a treasure trove of history, diverse cultures, religions, indigenous peoples, architectural wonders created across centuries, natural wonders and ecological diversity. As a tourist, the wonders are mesmerizing and often overwhelming in sensory intensity and sheer beauty. Each experience, each discovery, each day, each monument breathes a significance and relevance that enchants and enlightens.

Beyond each city lie small rural villages steeped in history and home to enclaves of indigenous peoples and cultures revealing a window into the past, navigating its role in modern India and awakening to the economy of tourism. Equidistant between the major cities of Jodhpur and Udaipur, the pristine village of Ghanerao holds its iconic castle, Ghanerao Rawla, in continued reverence.


It remains the home and residence of the local royal family and celebrates the glorious history of the Mertiya Rathores. For the very fortunate few, this ancestral home is now a sought after boutique experience shared with guests who can enjoy a stay in this magnificent showcase of marble and red sandstone exemplary of Rajput architecture built in 1606. A wonder of history preserved and renovated with a desire to remain true to the beauty and cultural authenticity in decor, retaining its traditional colors and textures along with pictures of the royal family and artifacts reflecting its storied past. Guests are welcomed with warm hospitality into the original castle maze of rooms and the newly visioned museum of artifacts including a historic collection of elephant hodas and palkis used by the rulers when elephants and horses were the only means of transport.

Each of the 17 rooms has a private terrace or veranda, a king size heritage bed, seating area, en suite bath with shower with high end toiletries, and the modern additions of a swimming pool and dining room makes a stay here a unique memorable experience. A work station, complimentary WiFi, air conditioning, tea and coffee maker are important concessions to comfort and modernity. The dining room features fresh organic meals, locally sourced with a flavorful Indian cuisine guaranteed to delight.

Enhancing this experience is the added wonder of the three family temples where prayers are performed each morning and guests are welcomed to participate. Nearby, UNESCO World Heritage Kumbhalgarh Fort stands sentinel watching over the entire valley including the Kumbhalgarh National Park. Known as a natural preserve where wildlife and indigenous tribal inhabitants, the Garacias and Rabaris, have coexisted in harmony, a safari reveals this very special environmental and cultural treasure. The village is also close to the amazing Ranakpur Jain temples carved entirely from marble, another rarefied site to be viewed in awe and wonder. More discoveries await in the village and beyond with a lake with crocodiles, bird watching, hiking and rock climbing. A stay at the Ghanerao Royal Castle is a unique experience on your journey across northern India. It remains a special interlude of quiet tranquility where a guest has the opportunity to pause, appreciate, connect and engage with a fascinating history and culture off the tourist track.


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