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Wanderlust and luxe.


Auguste the Label is bursting with collections in which femininity meets bright, freewheeling ensembles.  It’s all about striking the balance between casual and cool, comfortable yet chic, airy yet sophisticated. Auguste the Label’s reigning style forms where ethereal melds glamour and bohemia. Just look to Ebony Eagles, Head Designer and Creative Director for Auguste The Label, whose romantic notions of  flowing, gilded frocks have caused an immediate worldwide sensation. So what is the secret to that bafflingly effortless, incredibly chic sense of style? We caught up with Ebony Eagles herself to find out just how to conjure the spirit of boho-chic…and will now forever be inspired by Auguste The Label, the ultra-hip, bohemian women’s clothing line straight from the beaches of Byron Bay, Australia.

Vagabond Heavenly Maxi Dress-2


I was first and foremost inspired to make special pieces that women can create memories in. Auguste was created around the idea of “wearing what makes you feel beautiful”… The pieces are designed for those memorable times of our lives – long weekends, days by the sea and the trip abroad you’ve been dreaming about. Our philosophy “She Lives Free” ties in with this – it’s about living a life that feels authentic and wearing pieces that make you feel like yourself.


I’ve spent almost ten years as a designer, and two years ago I realised that my designed had progressed to creating more bohemian shapes, as they felt a lot more like “home” to me.  It felt only natural to really focus on this, so from there, Auguste was born!


Although each collection is based on a different narrative, there are three aspects that create a synergy between each collection: ethereal silhouettes, bohemian prints, and a definite sense of nostalgia –- paying homage to the late 60s and early 70s.  


When I’m designing, I have this little line in my head always – “She’s the one with the moon on her mind and salt water in her soul”

There’s a quote I love from cultural critic, Virginia Postrel, on the act of putting on clothing; “The outside self projects something on the world and also reflects back to you. The image of you in specific attire helps you imagine yourself as the person you would like to be.”  If she feels vibrant, alive and confident in my designs, then she is an Auguste girl.

Vagabond Backless Splash Dress_Red Spanish Caravan

Rules to fashion.

If you don’t feel amazing it in, don’t wear it!


Your personal style?

I love to mix basics or denim with standout bohemian pieces. It’s the love child of comfort and self-expression.


Go-to piece of clothing.

A wrap maxi dress – it can take me from an early morning yoga class to a restaurant dinner with my partner and little ones.

Vagabond Gypset Shift Dress_Nirvana

What you love most about the fashion industry.

I love the creative process and watching each piece evolve from literally a thought in my head to a finished product on a beautiful woman in amazing location on one of our shoots….I also love walking down the street and seeing a woman in an Auguste dress she’s styled to suit herself… it’s my favourite part of it all. Seeing this end result of the whole process is an amazing feeling.


Best advice you’ve ever received.

The ocean cures (almost) everything!


Life’s theme song at the moment?

Landslide – Fleetwood Mac

Woodstock Mini_Black

Bragging rights. Greatest successes or achievements with the brand.

Managing and creatively directing my Team from across the ocean. I was based in Bali up until the start of the year, and our HQ is based in Byron Bay, Australia. There was a lot of early morning Skyping and falling asleep on aeroplanes.


What can we look forward to next with the line?

Auguste was born by the ocean, and I’m constantly inspired by sea-side living when designing each collection…. So Auguste swimwear was a very natural progression. Stay tuned!


Vagabond Boheme Godess Maxi- navy tiny floral

Season Must-Haves.

–       A Maxi Skirt

–       A Wrap Maxi Dress

–       A long sleeved top with gypsy sleeves

–      Vintage Levis

A great pair of leather sandals


Vagabond Backless Splash DressVagabond Boheme Godess MaxiVagabond Heavenly Maxi Dress


Why you love Modeliste magazine.

I think you really tend to the societal mood of fashion culture –  you explore every part of the industry (models, designers, events etc). I like that.

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