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Get to know designer VIOLANTE NESSI, the creative visionary and the woman behind the world renowned, celebrity favorite label Violante.

In 3 words, how would you describe Violante?
Passionate, disciplined, devoted.

What makes Violante so unique in the fashion industry?
In Violante Nessi’s world, every woman should have the possibility to own beautiful items of clothing, harmonic shapes masterfully crafted to enhance the unique silhouette and personality of each
and every one of us. A quest for personal perfection explored in a modern manner, which considers design as a precious starting point to highlight the individual appeal of one’s body, a structured pathway to make whoever chooses Violante Nessi feel herself, far from trends and preconceptions.

Matisse Trousers

Tracey Cardigan

Alviani Blazer

Can you tell us how the label was created? The story behind the line?
VIOLANTE NESSI is a sustainable Italian womenswear brand founded by the eponymous designer in 2018, with a mission to reinterpret the classics into confident, expressive collections for the modern woman. Born in Bologna, to Chilean and Italian-German parents, Violante Nessi gained valuable experience at the Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs and Proenza Schouler design studios in London and New York, which she joined after graduating from Istituto Marangoni and Central Saint-Martins. Prior to launching her brand, Violante dedicated extensive research in Italy, developing her supply chain with local family businesses. Over the years, these artisans have become part of the VIOLANTE NESSI family, partnering together to celebrate the values of Italian excellence.

VIOLANTE NESSI reimagines the elemental classics in elevated, modern but eternal lines through a visionary legacy made of craftsmanship roots and meticulously selected fabrics.
Committed to offering a time enduring wardrobe, a call for quality transcending seasons and enhancing slow-luxury by re-interpreting the craft of elegant tailoring.

Following her extensive travels and a sojourn in her native Italy to build the foundations of her brand, Violante finally settled in London to launch her label and open her first store in the heart of Chelsea. Violante’s mission is to share her devotion to elegance with sophisticated designs for savvy international women.

Where do you draw your inspiration when creating your collections?
My inspiration comes from a blank page where my passion for design finds its way, creating beautiful and harmonic lines, having in my mind every woman’s dream to feel beautifully in harmony with herself in every situation.

Georgia Sweater

Morandi Blouse

Yoko Dress

How would you describe your latest collection?
We launch unique pieces rather than collections, giving to each one a true meaning and value.
We just launched the new Tracey cardigan, born from meticulous and in-depth research inspired by historic fashion codes, fully conveyed through superior crafting expertise rooted in Italian tradition. The result is a curated classic created with high-quality select yarns exuding a modern yet eternal allure, capable of ‘expressing and building feelings’.

What do you see as the top 3 fashion trends of the Winter/Holiday season?
VIOLANTE NESSI is a “slow luxury” brand which focuses on the individuality of its pieces as opposed to trends – my only call out would be impeccably tailored timeless knitwear.

What do you love most about the holidays?
The opportunity to spend time with my family and let my mind be free to design new pieces.

Yayoy Sweater

Amore Sweater

Cecile Dress

Any upcoming projects we can be on the lookout for?
Too many! We have a few exciting collaborations coming soon, a wonderful new shoot and as we are always launching new styles and pieces each month, unexpected new surprises.

How would you describe the Violante woman?
Ageless, Harmonic, Assured.

Why will we love your line?
Because it will make you feel yourself.

Calder Dress

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