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Mode Around the Globe: Chrystal Saint-Clair




Los Cabos, Mexico
Photographed by Monique Yelvington

How did you begin your career? 
I began my career many years ago on Tumblr, 2014, back in the day when it was just simple “blogging”. I had no idea sharing my style and photography would get me this far.

How do you hope to inspire people through your social media platform? What can your followers expect to see when visiting your social media page(s)? 
I want to inspire women to be feminine, soft yet unapologetic, travel the world and romanticize their lives.

What do you predict will be the biggest trends this winter?
I see red being a big color this season.

What did you love most about your getaway to Cabo with Modeliste?
Cabo is one of my favorite places to travel to. I loved how peaceful and relaxing it was. It truly felt like a bestie bonding trip.

What was your favorite aspect of the Villa la Valencia resort?
The food! Villa La Valencia had the perfect mix of upscale dining and casual Mexican eats that hit the spot, every time.

Favorite book?
It’s technically not a book but I love the Bible! Is that cliche? No matter what I’m going through, the Bible has a passage that can get me through anything.

Do you have any upcoming travel plans? If so, where?
I plan to go back to Africa in December. There’s something so special about that continent that is so beautiful and freeing.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
As I get older, I’m becoming more of an introvert. I really love my space, solitude, and silence.

What’s your go-to airport look? Essentials to pack in a carry on?
My airport look is always an oversized blazer with a form fitting top, leggings and New Balances. Very Hailey Bieber-esque.

Girls night in or Girls night out?
Girls night in! Deep conversations over wine and takeout are the way to my heart.

What’s a typical work week like for you? Any advice you have for staying productive throughout the week?
My work week varies but always includes lots of meetings and content days. To-do lists and my calendar get me through the week. I’d be so lost without them. Ticking something off a list is also such a rewarding feeling.

What’s your current skincare routine? Any products you’d recommend for our Modeliste readers?
I cater my routine to how my skin is currently feeling, so it changes. I highly recommend Elemis’ cleansing balm. It takes your makeup off so well! It makes getting unready so much easier.

What’s something your followers would be surprised to know about you?

I’m a homebody! I love being at home, watching a good series with a candle lit.

Where do you gain inspiration for content? Any tips & tricks you’d like to share for those inspiring to have a career like your own?
I find inspo from other creators. So many women on Instagram inspire me every day. I love it!

What makes you different from other content creators?
I think my aesthetic makes me different. I don’t put too much effort into keeping up with an aesthetic because mine is genuine and true to me and I think that translates to my followers.

What would you like to say to your fans/followers?
I’d love to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for the continuous support and love. Being able to inspire others just by being myself is such a great honor. One I don’t take for granted.

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