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Mode Around the Globe: Katia Kramble



Katia Kramble

Royalton Antigua
Special Thanks to Beach Bound Travel @beachbound

Photographed by Monique Yelvington @roughhgem
Videography by Katie Medoway @k_medow

When did you start your career as a content creator/social media influencer?
Growing up I was always looking for a creative outlet but my career started while I was a university student and wanted to learn more about the world of social media. I started off by managing accounts for small businesses and working a 9-5 job in digital marketing. I then quickly realized that I wanted to have my own voice and inspire others through a unique spin (quite literally!). What started off as a small travel account turned into my career, merging my passion for travel, fashion, beauty and skating. Long story short, @jetlaggedlovers was born about three years ago.

Do you have any advice for young women who are hoping to pursue a career as a content creator/social media influencer? Is there anything you wish you knew before?
The best advice I could give to anyone is to stay authentic to yourself and find your own voice. Starting off, many, including myself, got lost trying to copy trends and “fit in” with other influencers, and amongst that they lost their individuality. It wasn’t until I embraced my career as a figure skater and combined it with my interest in fashion and beauty that I was able to find my unique path in the industry.

What are you most thankful for at this stage in your life?
I am most thankful and excited to wake up and be passionate about what I do each day. I love that my job allows me to travel and have new experiences and most importantly, I’m so grateful that it allowed me to fall in love with skating all over again.

Do you have any exciting upcoming projects that you can share with our readers?
I am currently working on a passion project on the ice, AKA a series of videos merging fashion, beauty and skating with a focus on brands and products I love. This project has brought me closer than ever to my community and has created a completely new and exciting dimension of the sport for me!

City getaway or island getaway?

City getaway, unless it’s a piece of floating ice in the middle of the ocean.

What was the highlight of your time in Antigua with Modeliste?
I’ve never been to Antigua before and I really loved experiencing it with such an inspiring group of like-minded girls. Collaborating and bonding over creative ideas together is always a highlight of the Modeliste trips for me!

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
To be honest, I have no clue and I kind of love that for me. I’m excited for all my eras to come!

How do you balance your work life and your personal life?
What personal life? Just kidding. I’m still figuring out the whole balance thing to be very transparent because this is all still fairly new to me. But keeping my circle small and supportive has helped me stay sane.

Any current trends you will NEVER partake in? If so, which trends?
I think a big part of this whole industry is being open-minded to evolving and growing alongside others, but dancing has never been my thing. (Unless it’s on skates!)

What is your current skincare routine for winter? Do you have any favorite products we must try?
My skin care routine is pretty minimal, but hydration is key especially during the colder months. Moisturizing thoroughly, using a hyaluronic serum and an overnight moisturizer saves my skin. My favorite’s are the Sound Sleep Cocoon from Dermalogica and the Lait Corporel from Biotherm. I also have really been loving the Image Skincare Hydrating Eye Patches when I wake up to help with puffiness under the eyes. I find that the heat and dry air always makes my face swell!

If you weren’t in social media, what would you want to be doing for work?
Something creative for sure. Either something in creative brand marketing or living out my childhood dreams of being a fashion designer. Or traveling the world laissez-faire!

What makes you feel most confident?
Wearing what I want and doing what I love. Especially when I’m the main character on the ice! This career has honestly really taught me to not be affected by comments and opinions of others.

If you only could have one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
I must have been an island girl in my past life because I can survive off of fruit all year long.

Choose one place in the world you have always wanted to visit but haven’t.
There’s so many places on my travel bucket list that I hope to experience through my career but one place in particular right now is Japan. If you’ve been, please send me your recommendations!

What would you like to say to your fans/followers?
Find ways to do what you love even if it means taking an untraditional path. Hard work will always pay off. But mainly, I want to say thank you to the people who watch and support me and allow me to keep doing what I do.

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