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Mode Around the Globe: Morgan Ketzner




Photography by KATIE MEDOWAY
Wardrobe by AGUA BENDITA
Tulum, Mexico

How did you begin your career? 
I started when I was 18 years old. I went to a modeling agency in Minnesota, and was signed. From there, I built my book in a few different counties and ended up in Los Angeles and Miami.

How do you hope to inspire people through your social media platform? What can your followers expect to see when visiting your social media page(s)?
I am a very genuine and honest person. I am very particular about my page and would only influence things that I believe in. When people come to my page, I hope they can see me as authentic and inspirational.

What do you predict will be the biggest trends this fall/winter?
I feel that Artificial Intelligence will be a big thing this winter.

Which Agua Bendita swimsuit was your favorite to wear in Tulum?

I liked all of them! It is too hard to decide on one set! Each piece is so unique.

What did you love the most about your experience staying at Mereva Tulum?
I absolutely loved that the hotel was right on a private beach and my room was right on the ocean. I was just steps away from the water.

What was the highlight of your trip to Tulum with Agua Bendita and Modeliste?
I loved meeting all the other models/ influencers. Everyone was so kind; it was a great group of people to explore Tulum with.

Any upcoming travel plans you’re looking forward to?
I am excited to go back and visit California this fall.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
I would say I am in the middle. I love to go out, but I also love my alone time.

What’s your go-to airport look? Essentials to pack in a carry-on?
I always wear a matching sweat set with sneakers. Always travel in comfort and style. I love to pack little snacks for the plane ride.

Girls night in or Girls night out?

Girls night out!

What’s a typical work week like for you? Any advice for staying productive throughout the week?
I have a daily planner that I fill out the week before. I wake up at 7am., make breakfast, then shoot, giving myself little breaks in between. I then end my day by watching Netflix and editing all of my content.

What’s your go-to makeup routine? Any products you’d recommend for our Modeliste readers?
My current skin care routine is pretty simple, just Cetaphil. My skin breaks out super easily, but I love Cetaphil cleanser and then Tatcha moisturizer. Once in a while I will add a little retinol to my routine.

What’s something your followers would be surprised to know about you?
I played hockey and skated my whole life. I started figure skating when I was three years old and from there I learned to play hockey and continued through high school.

Where do you gain inspiration for content? Any tips & tricks you’d like to share for those aspiring to have a career like your own?
I get a lot of inspiration from hashtags and just searching keywords on the Explore page.

What makes you different from other content creators?
I am really passionate about what I do. I enjoy trying new things and am constantly looking for new opportunities.

What would you like to say to your fans/followers?
I am grateful for all of your support; I wouldn’t be here without you guys. I hope to continue inspiring others using my platform.

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