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Mode Around the Globe: Sarah Waddles




Los Cabos, Mexico
Photographed by Monique Yelvington

How did you begin your career? 
I started off my career by doing TikTok‘s, and then I ended up getting signed by my first modeling agency. My modeling career grew as well as my TikTok career so it all kind of worked hand-in-hand.

How do you hope to inspire people through your social media platform? What can your followers expect to see when visiting your social media page(s)? 
Honestly, my content is pretty lighthearted but I still try to leave an impact on my viewers. I hope that my content inspires young girls to feel confident in their body’s and to just be 100% themselves. Some of my Instagram followers have seen me grow up and become a full-time model, so I hope it inspires them to go chase their dreams.

What do you predict will be the biggest trends this winter?
I think the biggest trends this winter will be over the knee boots and just very comfy/chic vibes.

What did you love most about your getaway to Cabo with Modeliste?
Omg! I loved EVERYTHING! But if I had to pick just one thing… I would say going on the boat. I am not an ocean girl but something about the crystal clear waters in Cabo made me decide to jump in and swim with the fishies.

What was your favorite aspect of the Villa la Valencia resort?
Villa La Valencia was SO STUNNING! I loved laying out by the infinity pool, sipping a margarita, and staring at the beautiful Cabo beaches!

Favorite book?

I am an avid reader so picking my favorite book is a huge challenge! One of my favorite recent reads was “The Perfect Marriage” by Jeneva Rose. It’s a fast paced read that will leave you on your toes!!

Do you have any upcoming travel plans? If so, where?
I am happy to be back in Miami and to stay and relax by the beach but I am planning a trip back home to Kentucky! I miss my puppies so much I have to go back and visit them!

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
I am a little bit of both! I love being social and chatting with my friends, but I also love being by myself and staying in and reading a good book!

Girls night in or Girls night out?
Oh, I love a girls night out! My favorite thing to do is blast music and do makeup with all my girls!

What’s a typical work week like for you? Any advice you have for staying productive throughout the week?
There is no “typical” week for me! Being a model means you never know what will happen! So I’m always on the go! But for me staying productive is huge! Sometimes I just want to lay on the couch all day but I know I have to get up, go workout, and cook breakfast! Mornings set the tone for the day so it’s important to start off the day right!

What’s your current skincare routine? Any products you’d recommend for our Modeliste readers?
I keep my skincare simple! I like the La Roche- Posay face wash and the Charlotte Tilbury moisturizer!

What’s something your followers would be surprised to know about you?
Hmmm… I think my followers would be surprised to know that I’m from Kentucky! I started really posting on TikTok and Instagram when I was modeling so most of my followers think I’m from Miami or L.A.!

Where do you gain inspiration for content? Any tips & tricks you’d like to share for those inspiring to have a career like your own?
I gain inspiration from just scrolling on my “For You Page”! I am slightly addicted to TikTok so it’s pretty easy to find inspo!

What makes you different from other content creators?
Something that makes me different is that I show my real personality! Even though I am posting work pictures on my feed (just to keep it professional) I am always posting funny memes or animal videos on my stories!

What would you like to say to your fans/followers?
I would just like to say THANK YOU! My fans are so supportive and I cannot thank them enough!

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