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Mode Around the Globe: Severine Keimig



Mode Aournd the Globe: Türkiye
Severine Keimig

Kaya Palazzo Golf Resort Belek

Photographed by Jana Schuessler @janaschuessler
Videography by Hannah Leitsch @haley_shot_it

How did you begin your career? 
I was scouted by a fashion photographer in Munich in 2014.

How do you hope to influence people through your social media platform? What can people expect to see when visiting your social media page(s)?
I want people to feel relatable while still getting inspired with some newness on fashion, travel and on how to achieve and maintain an overall healthy lifestyle.

What do you predict will be the biggest trends this fall?
Quiet luxury.

Any upcoming travel plans you’re looking forward to this year?
Going to attend Burning Man with my best friends for the first time this year.

The one product you can’t live without?
My Mind, Body & Wealth Journal from Abundance Life League.

What was the highlight of your trip to Antalya with Modeliste?
To meet and connect with such beautiful souls from all over the world and the girls day we spent on the boat together!

What did you love the most about your flight experience with Turkish Airlines?
The food menu and its diversity in flight was absolutely outstanding- I was really surprised by their quality! I love Turkish Airlines!

What was your favorite aspect of the Kaya Palazzo property?
Kaya Palazzo’s variety of all kinds of amenities like different restaurants, shops, the golf course and numerous pools is really impressive. I loved the hammam at the spa and really enjoyed the private terrace connected to my hotel room for my morning stretches.

What’s your go-to airport look? Essentials to pack in a carry-on?

Comfort over everything – I usually wear my Lulu Lemon leggings paired with a basic T and oversized sweater. Two items I’d never fly without are my portable charger and a hydrating face mist for in flight.

What’s a typical work week like for you? Any advice for staying productive throughout the week?
Planning and preparation is key. On Sunday’s I sit down to write in my journal to prepare for my week ahead, adding all appointments from work, fitness classes to social events into my planner and google calendar. It helps me clear my mind and feel organized. Since with modeling you don’t have a routine schedule, it can get tricky to have everything planned out, as flexibility is what you actually need! Therefore my one advice would be to do the most important things that matter to you first! If for example, your body and health is a priority, go and hit the gym first thing in the morning – the longer you wait the higher the chances for you to skip it or that something else comes in between, which happens quite often with being on demand as a model.

Girls night in or Girls night out?
Girls night out!

What’s your current skincare routine? Any products you’d recommend for our Modeliste readers?
My basic skin care routine consists of 7 steps: face wash, toner, face mist, eye cream, serum, day- or night cream, brow- and lash serum. I usually like to mix it up and don’t use the same products everyday, but I really got into the products of Mario Badescu, which are clean and affordable. I also swear on the hyaluronic face mist from Dr. Barbara Sturm.

What’s something your followers would be surprised to know about you?
I’m a triple Aries

Where do you gain inspiration for content? Any tips & tricks you’d like to share for those inspiring to have a career like your own?
When it comes to inspiration I don’t like to force it, whatever I see and like serves its purpose, whether that be on Instagram’s discovery page, through like-minded conversations as well as meeting new people, or by strolling through the city with my pups and by observing street styles from strangers. Other than that I try to get inspired from within – things that speak to my soul while I’m creating art and based on how I feel. My advice for young creatives and artists would be: Learn how to love and embrace your flaws, as they are what makes you unique. Get out of your head and enjoy the present moment, allow things to be imperfect, because this is who we are! Stop comparing yourself to others in general and try to feel inspired and motivated by someone you admire instead of being intimidated by them. You are very powerful by being your authentic self.

What makes you different from other content creators?
I am not the typical influencer that follows a strict regimen when it comes to content creation, I rather allow myself to post and share what gives me fulfillment in the moment. I no longer force myself to post about everything all the time, I’m learning to embrace the luxury of being offline at times to recharge my energy levels – balance is what makes it. So don’t expect the same all the time, but be ready for a wild mix of everything, staying authentic is what truly matters.

What would you like to say to your fans/followers?
The longest relationship you’ll have is the one with your heart, your mind and your body – treat them with kindness.

Outfit by PRIMARK


Makeup by PIXI

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