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Mode Around the Globe: Severine Keimig



Severine Keimig

Aspen, Colorado

Photographed by JANA SCHUESSLER @janaschuessler
Videography by HANNAH LEITSCH @haley_shot_it

How did you begin your career? 
I was scouted by a fashion photographer in Munich, Germany in 2014. Shortly after I signed with a modeling agency in Germany and was scouted from a model agent in Milan. I decided to quit my full time job in a real estate agency and move to Milan, Italy to pursue full time modeling.

How do you hope to influence people through your social media platform? What can people expect to see when visiting your social media page(s)?
My personal social media account on Instagram @severinekeimig and the account for business
@abundancelifeleague both accomplish different purposes. With my personal account, people from all over the world, that have been following my journey, get daily insights and inspirations on how to live as a full time fashion model in the big apple – New York City. From NYFW events on how to best distress after a long work day to some of the newest health & fitness trends I recently discovered, my followers get to see my personal style serving as inspo/a mix of my personal style on OOTD, favorite cosmetic- and skincare products along with sneak peeks from BTS on set from my fashion shoots and videos of me in the gym following my workout routine or self- help advice. It matters to me to stay authentic, so I only want to share what I truly love and believe in, therefore you’ll see besides modeling lots of content around my two Bernese mountain dogs, travels, new fashion-, music- and art projects that inspired me recently.

My goal is to influence people in a positive and authentic way by gaining more self awareness and embracing your uniqueness. Abundance Life League inspires and guides on how to maintain a healthy balance between your mind, body and wealth. With our 90 day guided Mind, Body & Wealth Journal we help people learn how to be productive and efficient in every aspect of life. Abundance Life League and our Mind, Body and Wealth journal are a daily source for betterment focused on improving our inner and outer well-being. I’m deeply dedicated to the care and health of animals and it’s important to me to spread more awareness on this topic, on both- my personal and professional Instagram account. A portion of every sale from my company Abundance Life League goes towards the care and safety of our furry friends, and with that every online purchase saves animals’ lives.

What do you predict will be the biggest trends of this Spring/Summer season?

Cargo pants with big pockets, simple white tanks, maxi skirts, sheer dresses and low rise waists!

Any upcoming travel plans you’re looking forward to?
London in May to see King Charles III’s coronation followed by a trip home to Munich for Rolling Loud (hip-hop festival)

Favorite brands and places to shop for your favorite Summer looks?
I love for its sustainability and vintage picks. I ordered a bunch for summer on and recently. But if you’re in NYC, my go to shopping location is definitely Chelsea. My current favorite brands are Jacquemus, Aknvas, Khaite, and Vetements!

What was the highlight of your trip to Aspen with Modeliste?

Skiing with Kalen! I haven’t skied since I was so little, so getting back on the skis was definitely my highlight. On top of that the weather was outstanding, with the closing weekend ahead, it just felt like spring skiing down the piste, without gloves. The highlight that remains are the beautiful, long term friendships we made and a feeling of female empowerment like no other!

What’s your go-to airport look? Essentials to pack in a carry-on?
You’ll always see me in a Fear of God Essential knit hoodie (because it gets chilly on the plane) paired with my Lululemon align super high-rise pants (the softest leggings in the world) and a pair of low dunks on the airport! To be and feel comfortable is everything when it comes to traveling. My choice of handbag would be a weekender, in which I always carry:

– Portable charger
– Hyaluronic facial mist
– Nourishing lip mask
– Bottled Water (I always make sure to buy one extra before boarding!)
– Airpods max (their active noise cancellation is everything)
– My journal & a pen

Girls night in or Girls night out?
Girls night out.

What’s a typical work week like for you? Any advice for staying productive throughout the week?
Planning & preparation is key for me. Every Sunday I sit down to write in my journal to prepare for my week ahead, adding all appointments from work, fitness classes to social events, etc into my planner and google calendar. It helps me clear my mind and feel organized. Since with modeling you don’t have a repeated or routine schedule, it can get tricky to have everything planned out, as tons of flexibility is what you actually need! Therefore my one advice would be to do the most important things that matter to you first! If e.g. your body & health is a priority, go and hit the gym first thing in the morning – the longer you wait the higher the chances for you to skip it or that something else comes in between, which happens quite often with being on demand as a model.

What’s your go-to makeup routine? Any products you’d recommend for our Modeliste readers?

I like to keep it natural, and usually never use mascara, but I love a good bronzer and lip liner, always! Tapping the Chanel Les Beiges bronzing cream with a huge brush all over my face and neck gives me the ‘I just got back from vacation’ glow – and I’m obsessed! For my lips I use the Charlotte Tilbury pillow talk lip liner and for an extra plump lip look I add the La Mer lip volumizer, quite pricey but really worth it! A quick brush over my brows with the Julep tinted brow gel & pencil and I’m ready to step out of the house and feel comfortable all day!

What’s something your fans would be surprised to know about you?
Maybe the fact that I am obsessed with reptiles and secretly dreaming of owning a rescue crocodile farm in Florida. LOL!

Where do you gain inspiration for content? Any tips & tricks you’d like to share for those inspiring to have a career like your own?
When it comes to inspo I don’t like to force it, whatever I see and like serves its purpose, whether that be on Instagram’s discovery page, through like- minded conversations with peeps from the same industry, or by strolling through the city with my pups and by observing street styles from strangers. Other than that I try to get inspired from within – things that speak to my soul while I’m creating art and based on how I feel. My advice for young creatives and artists would be: Learn how to love and embrace your flaws, as they are what makes you unique. Get out of your head and enjoy the present moment, allow things to be imperfect, because this is who we are! Stop comparing yourself to others in general and try to feel inspired and motivated by someone you admire instead of being intimidated by them. You are very powerful by being your authentic self.

What makes you different from other content creators?
Live in the moment! I am not the typical influencer that follows a strict regimen when it comes to content creation, I rather allow myself to post and share what gives me fulfillment in the moment. I no longer force myself to post about everything all the time, I’m learning to embrace the luxury of being offline at times to recharge my energy levels – balance is what makes it. So don’t expect the same all the time, but be ready for a wild mix of everything, staying authentic is what matters to me.

What would you like to say to your fans/followers?
Your life is as good as your mindset. Take care of yourself from within and remember that no one can be you and that is your superpower! I love you!

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