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Model Diaries: Ariel Beesley



Model Diaries: Ariel Beesley 

The music world is ready for Modeliste’s Cover Model, Ariel Beesley and after hearing her belt out one of her first singles on-set, having written her own lyrics it’s no wonder why her soulful music continues to blow her audience’s collective minds.

When did you start playing music?

I  first started playing music when I was 14 years old. My mom and step dad got me this really rad guitar from chinatown (that I still play to this day) and I took it everywhere with me. My dad taught me my first few chords, and how to read tabs. I had always been writing poetry, and that was the first time I was able to put my words to music. It wasn’t until I started playing ukulele when I was seventeen though that I really found my voice.

How would you describe your music? 


What has inspired your music and writing the most being such a talented artist? 

I’m inspired by everything around me. The people around me, the things I experience on a day to day and the things i’ve experienced in the past. I think songs should tell a story and really have a message. I hope that when people hear my music they connect and relate to it because when it comes down to it, on a human level, everyone really goes through the same things, same emotions, just in different circumstances.

When did you begin your modeling career?

I started modeling about two years ago when I got signed to Wilhelmina. I’d done a couple free-lance jobs, and had been going to open calls. I believe I got rejected by about seventeen agencies before I walked into Wilhelmina and walked out with a contract. I was a poetry major at The New School in manhattan at the time.

What advice would you give to other young girls wanting to start out in the music and modeling industry? 

Honestly, it sounds cliche, but never give up. This goes for all aspects of whatever you want to do, not just modeling and music. When it comes to music, just be honest and write what you feel. Don’t try to write for a certain audience, write for yourself and it will be the most genuine and appeal to people anyway. For modeling, theres really nothing you can do to change your appearance, but if its something you really want, just keep at it. Like I said I was rejected from MANY agencies before I signed. Every agent told me I was too short, or had too many tattoos, or this or that, but the more I got rejected the more it fueled me to prove them wrong. Don’t change for anyone.

What is next for you? Upcoming projects, tours, albums? 

Ariel:  I signed a development/management deal with Brightman Music, and since then have been in the studio pretty much non-stop. I’ve been meeting with labels and been fortunate enough to work with some extremely talented people, but the most near-future thing you can expect is I will be releasing a single in May 🙂

What was your favorite part about the photo-shoot? 

I loved working with such a fun crew and getting to play my songs on set. Its always lovely working with people that clearly really love and care about what they’re doing. The whole thing was focused on being a collaborative art project, which it always should be!

What was your favorite look from the photo-shoot? 

Definitely when I got to wear the rag and bone suit. I love a good suit.
Having been on so many photo shoot  sets and worked with numerous makeup artists. What are some tips you’ve taken away and use daily?
To be honest I don’t really wear much makeup when I’m not working, but one thing i’ve picked up is using Smashbox green primer. I don’t wear any foundation, but I’m pretty much the most pale person on earth, so sometimes I can get a bit of a pink complexion. I just use a tiny bit of that green primer and it evens out my skin tone without having to put anything over it. Definitely my go-to.

What’s your favorite lip shade?

I always love a classic red lip

What fragrance are you wearing right now? 
Daisy by Marc Jacobs

How would you describe your own fashion style? 
It honestly depends on how i’m feeling. Sometimes I wake up and I want to be the girliest person ever and I’ll wear a dress and flowers in my hair- go full on fairy. Other days all I want to wear is black and my leather jacket (I have a pretty substantial collection of them) or a good suit pant.

What are you most excited to wear for Summer? 
To be completely honest I really prefer winter clothes…I’ve always been that girl trying to pull off a leather jacket in the dead of summer.

Which Fashion Designers do you most love wearing?
My favorite label is Saint Laurent, but the only thing I own thats actually Saint Laurent is a pair of suit pants that I got at Good Will for $10. I love Good Will. All the old ladies drop off their old designer stuff. The other day I got the cutest dress for 95 cents! It was on sale hahah

What is your favorite go-to piece of clothing?
Definitely my leather jacket that i’ve had since I was six years old. It still fits me! It was massive when I was a kid and now it a perfectly cropped 3 quarter sleeve jacket. I’m a bit of a clothes hoarder.

Must-have accessories?
I like to keep it simple. I have a few favorite necklaces that I’ll wear, and a ring or two.

Handbag essentials? 
I wear a black leather backpack that my boyfriend got me from a flea market by our house.

How do you keep in shape? 

I just got a bicycle! Thats been really fun. Other than that….I’m not sure, I’m a really big pasta fan.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Stay true to you.

How did you get discovered by your music management?

When I signed to Wilhelmina, I always had it in my head that I wanted to be a musician. I started bringing my uke to every job I did in the hopes that the photographer would shoot me with it so I would be featured as a musician. Eventually it caught on and I started doing more and more jobs as a musician, as myself. I did a fashion film for NYLON magazine, where they ended up using my tune as the film song. My managers reached out and it just took off from there!

Next on the bucket List 
Ah! I have so many things I wish to accomplish but in the nearest future…i’m going to europe soon and I don’t want to leave without having stayed in Paris. I’ve always wanted to do.

Loving Modeliste because…. 

I love the people behind the idea, and the idea itself- that its a place for all things: Music, fashion, art, beauty tips. And I’m very grateful to be on the cover! Thank you! XX

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