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Modeliste’s Social Stars: Amy Pham



Amy Pham has officially been dubbed one of the hottest Insta-girls of the year. As beauty-savvy, sexy, playful and sweet in real life as she is portrayed on her social channels, Amy has catapulted to the ranks of star status and is wholly deserving of this achievement. Amy joined Modeliste’s renowned Influencer Getaways on our latest stop in Aruba, and let us in on her ultimate beauty secrets, style staples and why we love watching her silly videos.

Location: Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino

Amy Pham

In 3 words: describe your blog/ social channels?
Narcissistic self-portraits

What makes your blog and social channels a go-to for all fashion and beauty- savvy girls.
I love experimenting with makeup and fashion– and if I happen to get something right like a cool outfit or fun makeup idea I want to share the knowledge!

What inspired you to create a blog? How did you begin?
I don’t have a blog actually, I just have my socials and I hosted for a fashion webseries called The Fashion Statement produced by Disney’s Maker Studios. That happened via auditioning– I showed up, they didn’t hate me, and fast forward a couple years and here I am! My social media outlets followed shortly after.

What has been your greatest achievement or “ah-ha!” moment with your blog/ social channels?
When I started making silly videos for my own amusement. I realized that if I can poke fun at myself, then hopefully other people can see that fashion and beauty isn’t all perfect photoshopped images, and in the process something that personally brings me entertainment actually leaves a big impression on other people too. People seem to love my weird videos!

What elements do you think create an engaging IG feed?
I think as long as you have everything in moderation– consistent posts (without posting 20 times a day), interesting photos of different subjects (outfits, selfies, accessories, nights out, etc.), and a sense of humor.

Any favorites you personally love to follow?
I actually love looking at my friends’ feeds, I tend to be biased towards people I know in real life versus pages that I have no personal connection to haha. So my family, best friends, etc.

How would you describe your personal style?
Depending on the day it’s usually a mixture of: chill streetwear, chic glam, and ratchet club vibes.

What types of posts do you think create the most engagement?
I think it speaks for itself– images that are interesting to look at (for me personally it’s been outfits and makeup selfies) and funny videos! Boomerangs are also fun– everyone loves a Boomerang!

What are a few of your go to tips for dressing fabulous and warm during the winter months and holiday season?
LAYERS. I love layers. And especially in the holiday season I love me all the glitter and tinsel and jewel tones.

What you’re looking forward to wearing most this season?
All my Christmas clothes, Christmas is my favorite holiday haha!

Current handbag?
A black faux leather backpack I got from eBay that is currently falling apart because I danced too hard in Aruba.

What item can’t you live without when heading to a holiday soirée?
Red lipstick!

What is your ultimate go-to beauty product?
Red lipstick.

Best beauty tip.
RED LIPSTICK. Haha seriously, red lips will make you feel like a million bucks no matter what.

Favorite App on your phone.

Most used filter?
 VSCO – H1 or H2 from the Hypebeast set. I ain’t playing with the basic IG filters!

Most played song on itunes.
I don’t actually use my iTunes really, but on Spotify at the moment it’s Kodak Black – Skrt.

Favorite way to end the day.
Watching a movie and eating pizza in my sweats (or underwear depending on the season).

Favorite travel spot.

3 Things on your Bucket List.
To sky dive, travel the world (namely Asia), and have a huge drunk fun wedding with all my friends and family and loved ones.

What is your current indulgence?
Hot Cheetos, I just bought a Costco sized box and it’s a problem.

What’s next for you? Any upcoming projects we can be on the lookout for?
I’m pretty much all over the place any given month, each weekend either DJ-ing or traveling lately. But I’m working on finally launching my Youtube channel so be on the lookout! It’s been a long time coming haha.

What’s one thing you would like your fans to know about you?
That I don’t take myself seriously so they shouldn’t either!

What did you love most about the Modeliste trip to Aruba?
What wasn’t to love? Everything was beautiful, the people were so friendly and nice… definitely one for the books!




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