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Style Profile: Jacqueline Zenere



Tell us how you began your career as a stylist?
My fashion education came from W Magazine, I tracked every single credit in every issue. Sometimes there would be 25 different designers on one page- I now have an encyclopedia of brands. My time there left a permanent imprint on my mind and reference library-often using shoots by Edward Enninful and Alex White for inspiration.

You recently moved to Los Angeles from NYC, what do you think the most “LA” thing will be about you?
So far not much! I still wear all black, cover myself in SPF so I look like I haven’t seen the sun in years, but I do have a car now which has changed everything.

What is your favorite makeup trend this season?
Leather! Colored saturated rich tones like butter brown, oxblood, hunter green. Leather doesn’t tend to wrinkle so always red carpet ready.

What is your favorite fashion trend of all time?
Any thing designed by Pierpaolo at Valentino is magic to me. He is a master colorist combining the most unlikely of colors, and his imagination just stuns me every show.

What’s a fashion trend you wish would go away?
Rhinestones, spikes, excessive zippers, and bows drives me a little nuts. Overdone.

Style icon?
Florence Welch-not so much for what she wears but HOW she wears it. No matter what she’s in she looks free, comfortable, and 100% herself.

Where did you draw your inspiration for the Modeliste Cover shoot with Camila Coelho?
Classic 90’s supermodels: Christy Turlington mostly. Slick hair, minimalist era Calvin Klein.

What was your favorite look of the shoot?
The Herrera in the tub. Not many people can pull off a blazing orange button down gown, she owned it.

What are your plans for over the Holidays?
I’ll be working, fashion only sleeps in August and the week between Xmas and New Years-which I’ll be spending in Palm Springs.

What are you looking forward to most in 2020?
They said that each decade in someway mirrors its previous (1920’s) is my favorite decade of all time-so here to hoping we are entering the next roaring gilded age! The fashion! The sequins! Bring it on.

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