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The A LIST:  Sabo Skirt



Designers We Love: Sabo Skirt

Founded by the ultimate chic girl-power duo, Yiota and Thessy of Sabo Skirt embody a unique, carefree and youthful take on fashion. Selling a variety of clothes that range from bold to boho with a key focus on looking effortless, Sabo Skirt strives to make sure that their styles are wearable and affordable for our youthful market.   With over 50 new styles released each month, Sabo Skirt embodies a very clear style that is constantly driving fashion-forward.



Our latest collection that we’ve been working on is Sabo Luxe. We’ve been really inspired by monotone outfits with clean lines, which has become the basis of our new line.


Trend-Setting Style.

2015 is a big year for bringing back a lot of the old trends we’ve loved.


The hippie / boho style has made a return once again with things like fringe and suede being re-popularised. Loose peasant shirts and long skirts are hugely popular and we’re definitely loving it!


Khaki is also a big colour trend this year. We’ve seen the khaki military style being reintroduced by some of the big names in fashion and it’s also been the most popular colour for us this year.


The Ultimate Wardrobe Must-Have.

A jumpsuit! We love a playsuit and love a jumpsuit even more. It’s a style that we never see go out fashion no matter the season or current trend. It always works!


Inspiration behind creating the season’s hottest and most trend-setting styles.


We’ve been doing a lot of international travel lately and it’s been incredibly inspiring. We draw masses of inspiration for our pieces from the cities that we visit and the people that we see there. Every place has its unique flare and we love to reflect that in the styles we create.

Rules to Fashion.


We only ever wear what we feel comfortable in, as we believe that this is the key to looking effortless.  

high waster pant

Being Social.


Social media has been our most successful marketing tool. Our Instagram page in particular has been very powerful and a huge driver in building our brand image and generating sales.


Over the years we’ve really gotten the hang of taking amazing pictures using our iPhones. It’s the quality of the posts and the unique content that we generate that has really allowed to grow the page to where it is now. We now have over 1.3 million Instagram followers.


There’s definitely a strong correlation between our product sales and how popular their photos have been. When you take a good picture, people really notice.

basic white

Best advice .


Stay humble and to treat others the way that you would like to be treated. While this is seemingly simple advice, it has become our most important mantra. We came into the fashion industry and business world at such a young age and this advice has helped us to stay grounded with our achievements as well as navigate through the business world with level heads.


Greatest success or achievement with the brand.


One of the greatest achievements was reaching the 1 million mark on Instagram. It’s an incredible feeling to have such a strong following of people who share your love for a particular style. It all started with us posting pictures of our clothes and each other. People shared the same love for clothes and our style and it just took off.  


Another huge highlight would have to be the launch of each of our exclusive Sabo Skirt lines. We’ve just released our second formal range and we also launched Sabo Sport and Sabo Sleep last year. We also have another label on the way later this year, Sabo Luxe!




Style Icon.


Thessy: I am always loving the amazing style of Margaret Zhang.


Yiota: I’m currently in love with blogger Maja Wyh’s style.

Personal style.


Thessy: I’m definitely a minimalist. I love effortlessly simple styles and I also love to finish off my outfits with different watches. I also have a soft spot for bags and dainty jewellery.


Yiota: I have a very relaxed style. I love oversized knits, tops and jeans and I’m always mixing up my looks with different style shoes. Ankle boots and denim definitely dominate my wardrobe.

3 must-haves this season.


We love anything casual and effortless for this season. It’s all about comfort with added features here or there. We are big on basic white tees paired back with a black or white bralette and hat.

We love crops with a high waisted skirt or trousers. Always such a flattering and feminine look!


The perfect touch of accessories. A watch, hat or even some stacked rings can bring a whole new element to your look.


Life’s Theme Song at the moment.


We have Lean On by Major Lazer on repeat at the moment.


Loving Modeliste Magazine.

Modeliste effortlessly captures the most inspiring fashion trends, right now. We love that with each issue, you share insight from the frontrunners in the fashion realm.


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