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The art of traveling in style: Turkish Airlines




 With award-winning dishes prepared by Flying Chefs, the latest in-flight entertainment system, ultra comfortable seating and welcoming Turkish hospitality, Turkish Airlines already makes premium passengers feel special in the skies, like they are members of an elite club. But now, the world-renowned global carrier is adding an artful touch to its exceptional travel experience.

Turkish Airlines and Istanbul Modern have partnered to curate a selection of artwork from the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art on display at the Turkish Airlines Business Class Lounge at the newly opened Istanbul Airport.

Spanning 1,400 square feet, the exhibition brings together significant examples representing four main dispositions of modern art of Turkey. Thirty-eight works by 16 artists are on display, ranging from early 20th century landscape painting tradition to the abstract paintings of artists looking for a synthesis between eastern and western arts during the 1950s. Compositions that interpret cultural values of Anatolia with a new perspective can also be found among the works that illustrate the daily life presence of figure painting.

Istanbul Modern, Turkey’s first modern art museum, was founded in 2004 in a former warehouse on the shores of the Bosphorus, to share the country’s artistic creativity and culture identity with both local and international audiences. Its rapid success was one of the reasons Newsweek dubbed Istanbul “one of the coolest cities” in the world back in 2005. The museum’s popularity continued to surge, and today, displays of cutting-edge contemporary art from Turkish artists make Istanbul Modern a must-visit attraction for the creative class and selfie-snapping tourists alike.

But for travelers in transit at Istanbul Airport, Turkish Airlines brings the modern art to them. Passengers can turn their connection time into a culture experience by viewing and enjoying artwork from artists including Şeref Akdik, Hakkı Anlı, Fethi Arda, Ferruh Başağa, Hasan Vecih Bereketoğlu, Aliye Berger, Nurullah Berk, Adnan Çoker, Nejad Melih Devrim, Abidin Dino, Neş’e Erdok, Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu, Hoca Ali Rıza, Hikmet Onat, Selim Turan and Fahrelnissa Zeid. Moreover, the collaboration between Turkish Airlines and Istanbul will allow the collection selections to be refreshed three times a year.

Of course, the modern works of Turkish art are a welcome addition to the recently-opened Istanbul Airport. The world’s largest international hub is the brand-new home for Turkish Airlines and establishes Istanbul as the central location in the world for aviation and travel. Thanks to its strategic location at the crossroads of east and west, the airport has great potential for growth for Turkish Airlines and the global aviation industry and will welcome 200 million passengers per year upon final completion.

Turkish Airlines will operate five passenger lounges at Istanbul Airport for Business Class, Miles & Smiles Elite Plus & Elite, Star Alliance Gold and Corporate Club passengers. There are currently three lounges open – the Turkish Airlines Business Lounge, Miles & Smiles Lounge and Domestic Lounge. The Exclusive Lounge and Arrival Lounge are scheduled to open in summer 2019.

With an approximate area of over 60,000 square feet, the Turkish Airlines Business Lounge seats 765 guests and features 13 private suites with showers along with meeting rooms, a library and prayer room. The Istanbul Modern collection is housed here.

The Turkish Airlines Miles & Smiles Lounge is also over 60,000 square feet, seats 765 guests, and offers 11 private suites with showers. It provides a space where guests can rest on comfortable couches, savor delicious treats from Turkey along with international cuisine, or enjoy mobile masseur services. Meeting rooms, a library and a prayer room can also be used here. In addition, a console gaming experience, golf simulators and large children’s play area provide entertainment, while a technology center with 3D glasses and virtual reality is currently being planned.

The Turkish Airlines Domestic Lounge is accessible through a special entrance gate located outside the terminal so passengers can complete check-in procedures and transfer directly to the aircraft via buses. Lounge amenities include seating areas, Turkish cuisine, a large children’s play area, media wall with multiple television screens and a prayer room.

The bar was set high, but Turkish Airlines continues to earn high marks for service excellence at its flagship lounges in the new Istanbul Airport. The modern works of Turkish art can not only be found as part of the Istanbul Modern Collection at the Business Class Lounge, but also in the development, innovation and growth of Turkish Airlines following its move to its new home.

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