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Treehouse Villas: Thailand



Koh Yao Noi, Thailand

Let your childhood dreams soar from fantasy to reality… imagining your personal treehouse getaway perched high in the treetops reached on a swinging bridge suspended above ground in a fairy tale tropical rainforest, with a view to faraway islands and a mysterious parade of statuesque foliage-capped stone pillars rising from the sea. Keep dreaming and dream big… maybe an adult treehouse for two with a deck, a private jetted pool and a fully stocked cocktail bar, plus a double swing, a cozy place to eat, lounge, and dream the day away. Upstairs, a romantic king size netted canopy bed puffed with mounds of pillows, a meditative balcony, a flatscreen satellite TV, DVD, USB port, Bluetooth music station, and free WiFi. Perhaps even wish for a dramatic bathroom with a (gasp!) innovative designer tub shaped like a floating hammock and huge walk-in rainfall shower. Imagine being whisked away by a friendly driver to a glistening white sand beach, an amazing restaurant with panoramic views, generous buffet breakfasts and tantalizing daily specialties prepared for your viewing and eating pleasure, a sophisticated outdoor bar lounge poolside, sauna cave, Serenity Spa to soothe and elevate body, mind, and spirit followed by the revitalizing healing waters of the waterfall plunge pool.

If your whimsical childhood dreams have evolved into a vision of a Five Star luxury treehouse adult retreat on a small island in Thailand’s Phang Nga Bay with every one of those fantasy amenities a reality… Dreams do come true at TreeHouse Villas on Koh Yao Noi, island paradise and magnificent National Park! TreeHouse Villas is the ultimate in innovative contemporary design, creating a true destination getaway and a connection with childhood past and rediscovery of the simple joys of life, nature, beauty, and love.

Romance blooms in the treetops. Refresh and reconnect in playful harmony surrounded by the spectacle of natural wonders. Staggering limestone cliffs guard the jetty entrance to the white sand beach. Trails through lush green jungle cross the hills to remote villages on the other side of the island otherwise reached only by boat. Colorful kayaks bob across the turquoise waters heading to a nearby secluded beach. Snorkelers and swimmers, hikers, climbers and birdwatchers enjoy the tranquility and relaxed pace away from the bustling tourist destinations. Each morning breaks with a spectacular sunrise of golden pink and orange. Nights are a heavenly stargazing wonder, softly lulled to sleep by the croakers singing in the lily ponds.

A marvel of design and vision, TreeHouse Villas is mindful of its environmental footprint. The source of most of the resort water is a nearby freshwater spring. All wastewater is collected, treated, and reused for irrigation and watering the lush gardens. Bamboo straws replace plastic and, to eliminate plastic bottles, TreeHouse has plans to implement its own bottling service with reusable glass. The resort is committed to community and exemplary service. TreeHouse trains and hires 85% of its workers from the local villages, a partnership that is helping sustain the island economy along with raising funds for students and school programs.

A stay at TreeHouse Villas is uniquely magical, a picturesque retreat to re-engage and discover a happy peaceful place in harmony with nature; fresh and healthful dining, satisfying and superlative; an atmosphere founded on a friendly welcoming staff and a whimsical remembrance of a childhood fantasy come true, above and beyond our imagination and expectations.

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