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Ty Severe – Bocas Del Toro



Photography by Logan Hill
Red Frog Beach, Bocas Del Toro, Panama

Ty Severe

How did you originally get into blogging/being an Influencer?
I used to be the celebrity stylist for Tommy Hilfiger in LA.

Describe your Instagram feed in 3 words.
Editorial Sarcastic Sartorialist

Where do you get inspiration for your pictures?
VOGUE, Art books from Taschen, Annie Leibovitz, Bruce Weber

What is your #1 skincare tip for while traveling?

What was your favorite Bioderma product and why?
The Hydra Serum – packing in the moisture with a greaseless feel. Perfect for a mans face.

What was your favorite Derma E product and why?
The Sunscreen. It’s imperative to have when traveling to tropical destinations. It glides on and stays put.

How would you describe your personal style?
West Coast Kennedy

Most recent splurge.
Taylor Swift concert tickets.

Last TV Show you binge-watched.
Big Little Lies, I know I am so lateee.

Your life’s theme song at the moment?
Getaway Car by T. Swift.

What do you love most about Summer?
Endless days, last night at 9pm, I turned to my friend and asked, ‘Is someone going to turn the sun off today, or do we have to manage that on our own?!’

Most frequently used emoji?
The smirk. I have a bit of a crooked smile.

Top 3 bucket list travel destinations?
Positano, Maldives, South of France.

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not working?
Visiting museums, art exhibits, and flea markets. Becoming inspired!

Best advice you’ve ever received.
We are ultimately responsible for ourselves.

Tell us about the Red Frog Beach Resort. What was your experience there like and what did you love most about the property?
Red Frog Beach resort is an enchanting island that delights your senses in ways you didn’t know were possible. As soon as you step onto the dock, memorizing canopies of bright green and chartreuse create blissful rainforest. Sloths roam freely from tree to tree, seemingly very active! Chirps from the miniature Red Frogs are heard everywhere. And this is just the entrance! Your own private golf cart is used to travel from the the concierge to your villa, to the beach and restaurants! Exploring an island has never been more of an adventure. That is until you take the zipline through the sprawling canopies and even come face to face with a sloth!

What was your favorite part about our Modeliste Mode Around the Globe Getaway to Panama?
The beaches were white sand, the ocean was as if I were in a bath. The getaway felt like we were all part of this private community that looked out for each other. It was intimate and special.

Why do you love Modeliste magazine?
Every cover of Modeliste magazine is inspiring. From the fashion to the location, Modeliste curates editorial life that takes you to every corner of the world.

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