Why Y2K?



By Mackinley Hill

Most people dread the idea of the early 2000’s coming back into style. The infamous low-rise jeans, cami tops, even pants under dresses. It all seemed like a fever dream. Yet, against our wishes, those questionable fashion trends have made their comeback this year. Von Dutch has its grip on society once again! While most are excited to jump back into the past, few seem to question why the popularity of the style has started again.

It’s no secret that the generation labeled Gen Z, have recently discovered the early 2000’s. But why bring it back? This is a generation that has always been connected. They have always had quick access to the internet, calls, texts, and social media. Gen Z set their eyes on y2k because it is nostalgic. This trend includes every generation, whether you’re a 90’s baby, 2000’s baby, etc. We all went through the pandemic and quarantine, and now people are craving simpler times.

There’s something refreshing about the pieces that were popular back then. The colors and the patterns alone can remind anyone of their childhood. The candy-like jewelry, Hello-Kitty everything, Juicy Couture, and the color hot pink! It all makes us feel so welcomed. It’s the kind of fun we needed after the year we’ve had. This is probably the number one reason for the enthusiasm over y2k. But of course, like any trend that comes back in style, it’s not always wore the same way. There hasn’t been a fashion statement quite like jeans under a dress…well not yet! But you will be seeing people mix y2k with a more modern flare.

1. Built in Whale Tail

2. Mini-Mini Skirt

3. Hibiscus Print

4. Low-Rise Jeans

5. Trucker Hats

6. Hot Pink

7. Halter Top

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