Introducing the 6 New Lip glosses that are about to Take Over Your Makeup Bag



A sultry lipgloss is the very essence of sexy for bombshells like Jennifer Laurence, Scarlett Johansson and Angelina Jolie. The iconic beauty line MAVALA brings us pitch-perfect lip glosses to bring into your foray of make-up bag essentials.  These 6 LIP GLOSS shades, at the same time discrete and precious, fresh and sweet, unveil treasures of delicacy and softness- a must for this Spring’s luxe lip trends.


Why We Love it: MAVALA Lip Gloss is an ultra-shiny and non-sticky product. Its formula contains tiny shimmering particles of mother-of-pearl which are like a myriad of stars, and a delicate balance of polymers and emollient esters, as well as grape seed oil. This oil contains polyphenols (vitamin E enriched molecules) which help to reinforce the natural protection of the lips, effectively fighting free radicals which are responsible for 80% of skin’s premature aging. Extract of grape seed oil, combined with emollient esters, provides soothing, regenerating and nourishing properties.


1 Sunshine

Sunshine A pink sunshine over clouds.

2 Marshmallow

Marshmallow Like a blazing sky inspiring travel.

3 Daiquiri

Daiquiri Fizzy and softly pink, like a first class cocktail.

4 Strawberry

Strawberry Tasty and tempting, an invitation to new horizons.

5 Pink Lady

Pink Lady A glass of feminine sweetness before take-off.

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