Blow by Blow By Joseph Chase



As a celebrity hair stylist, the question that I hear the most is how can I get my hair to look like a professional blow out at home?

It seems impossible after the hairstylists magic touch but the truth is ladies, you can with the right product, tools, and patience.

Of course it may take you a little longer than your “mane stylist” but with these few steps your hair will be on its way to bouncy voluminous utopia.

Tools needed:


Hold Me Hair Clips


Boar Bristle Round Brush

Insider Tip:
Ibiza Boar Bristle Round Brushes work best for healthy blowouts.
Ibiza Hair EX5


Heat Protectant
ALTERNA Bamboo Smooth Anti-Breakage Thermal Protectant Spray


Volume Spray

Full Root Lifting Spray, $25


Hair Spray

Oribe Superfine Hair Spray and of course a blow dryer.

T3 Featherweight 2

5 6

After you have cleansed your hair, you will want to towel dry the excess moisture out of the hair. Brush through the hair to relieve any tangles. Apply heat protectant to the damp hair. My favorite is Oribe Supershine Light creme. It is light weight and also very moisturizing. Work this through the mid to ends of hair.

Next use a volume spray at the roots, this will help give a nice lift that will last throughout the day. After product is applied, start to rough dry the hair using the blowdryer with nozzle and your hand. You want to remove about 80 percent of the moisture from the hair and use your hand to lift up at the root as you rough dry for extra body. once 80 percent of moisture has been removed, clip your hair up leaving a 2 x 2 inch section down on the side. Round brush this section starting underneath the hair till the top is dry then flip the round brush to top of the section to ensure that the whole section is 100 percent dry.

Insider Tip: Always keep the nozzle pointing down the hair shaft towards the end of hair.

Continue this till both sides of the head are dry. For added volume, in each individual section, Leave the hair around the round brush for 20-30 seconds to cool before moving on to next section.

Part your hair down the back to split into two sections. Then split these into smaller subsections, directing the hair to the side – round brushing each subsection.

Once the hair is completely dry, take a horse shoe section in the crown and over direct to the front round brushing back to the crown. Let the round brush cool for 20 seconds and remove.

Give your hair a good toss and Spray with Oribe Superfine Hairspray to complete your bouncy voluminous hair.

Insider Tip:
To take this look into nighttime mode, give your crown a good backcombing and smooth out with a Mason Pearson brush. You’ll be on your way from day diva to night goddess in no time.

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