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Celebrating in Style with Nathasha Bedingfield



Spring is in the air with the most beautiful and talented Natasha Bedingfield.

Natasha Bedingfield’s charismatic and playful music perfectly mirrors her soulful personality.  With her cheeky smile, witty sense of humor,  infectious laugh and radiant beauty it’s no wonder why this British music icon has carved a place for herself in the industry through Grammy nominations, song writing for some of the hottest musicians as well her own pop and R&B music we all adore.

Modeliste had the distinct pleasure of shooting Natasha with world renowned celebrity photographer and Makeup Artist, Troy Jensen for our Spring Beauty preview and chatted with this gorgeous British babe on what she loves most about Spring.


Modeliste: What inspires your Spring sense of style?

Natasha: Spring is about new beginnings. So spring is a time for reinvention. — Letting go of things from the past. It’s also about starting to show more skin as the weather gets warmer .  Trees and flowers start to bloom and so I like bringing pops of  Colour or something odd and fun back into my wardrobe.


Modeliste: What are your Spring fashion must-haves.

Natasha: A Burberry trench coat, a cardigan in pastels colours (Chanel or Chloe), cute sporty pumps, a couple new work out outfits that inspire me to get ready for summer and start running, and a silk head scarf.


Modeliste: What are you excited to wear this season?

Natasha: I love how casual fashion is this season- lots of layers are a must.


Modeliste: Go-to designers

Natasha: Valentino, Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood


Modeliste: Style Icon.

Natasha: Fae Dunnaway


Modeliste: Favorite Makeup Line.

Natasha: I’m obsessed with Dior at the moment.


Modeliste: Signature scent

Natasha: Guerlain insolence


Modeliste: What do you love most about Spring beauty?

Natasha: I love the freshness and being able to wear a brighter blush.


Modeliste:  Must-Have beauty products you never leave home without.

Natasha: Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar and Dior mascara


Modeliste: Best beauty advice or tips you’ve received while working with Celebrity Makeup Artist and Photographer Troy Jensen?

Natasha: He’s so good at creating wonderful creative looks that  I can morph into while still feeling like myself.  Highlighting your best features is something that he is particularly good at.


Modeliste:  Latest beauty product splurge?

Natasha: La Prairie foundation


Modeliste: Upcoming projects- what can we look forward to next?

Natasha: I’m currently writing a new album. Stay tuned!


Modeliste: Why you love Modeliste Magazine.

Natasha: I love that it is always on top of cutting edge fashion.


Natasha Bedingfield & Troy Jensen



Natasha Bedingfield @tashabedingfield

Hair and make up by Troy Jensen using Dior beauty Products and Oribe hair products.

Production by Jarek Addison @jarekaddison

Styling by designer Michelle Roy at Social Butterfly LA. @socialbutterfliesla

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