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Detox by Rebecca



Rebecca Faria

With self-care more important than ever, we’re all looking for new ways to create moments of respite, renewal, and rejuvenation. Brazilian born Rebecca Faria and her world renowned Detox by Rebecca treatments offers her signature highly covented and beloved Lymphatic drainage massage—and so much more. Since opening, Detox by Rebecca has become a holistic haven for LA’s A-List celebrities (think: Hailey Beiber, Kourtney Kardashian, and Jennifer Anniston), who, through word of mouth, have sought out her body sculpting service for pre-red carpet appearances, photoshoots, travel and overall wellbeing and wellness.

A highly innovative pioneer in the industry, Rebecca has created unique, custom tailored lymphatic treatments which aside from the fact that they are blissfully relaxing, gives an immediate and instantly noticeable ‘wow’ effect. Rebecca’s procedures work to boost lymphatic drainage, tone up the skin, de-bloate while facilitating excess water retention loss, boost blood flow and circulation, target sagging skin, reduce cellulite and aid in natural detoxification. Rebecca has also become renowned for her detoxification techniques using an infared sauna, suction cups and her fabulous ‘mini facial’.

Modeliste sat down with Rebecca, and here is what we learned about her custom treatments, the benefits of lymphatic massage and her tips for overall health and wellness.

Tell us about the Detox by Rebecca treatment.
Detox Massage by Rebecca is a holistic technique created by me. It works by reducing overall inflammation in the body through the lymphatic system. To perform the treatment, I use a combination of manual lymphatic drainage massage and different types of equipment, like endermologie, cupping and radiofrequency. I target areas of congestion in the body and release the toxins through the lymphatic system.

What makes it such a unique procedure?
It is a personalized treatment for each client and their specific needs. Each one of us has different root problems that can trigger body swelling, inflammation and secondary health conditions. If we don’t treat the root issue, we can’t progressively evolve towards the client’s goals.

What inspired you to develop your innovative treatments?
I have been working with lymphatic drainage for ten years. My treatment was developed little by little. I learn from each new experience, so I was able to develop a method that I find effective for everyone. That way, I can help people with different issues to have better health!

Why is lymphatic drainage such an important aspect for overall health and wellness?
The lymphatic system transports a fluid called lymph, which circulates throughout the body and works as a filter, removing impurities. Along with white blood cells, the lymphatic system is an essential agent in the body’s defense against viruses and bacteria. In addition, since lymphatic drainage massage speeds up the lymph flow, the body gets rid of toxins, inflammation and retained fluid.

What are the most typical results from a treatment?
The main results that can usually be seen immediately are the reduction of fluid retention – which looks like fat reduction, but it’s not – increased blood circulation and body relaxation. In the long term, the body improves as a whole and the metabolism speeds up, which actually causes weight loss and cellulite reduction.

How often should someone receive the treatment?
It depends on the methodology used and how healthy the patient’s habits are. My clients usually go twice a month. However, if we talk about manual lymphatic drainage without the use of devices, I would recommend at least once a week.



What are some things we can do to maintain the results?
The four most important things to maintain results are:

1. Avoid processed foods (as they are full of toxins and you don’t want to inflame your body again)
2. Sleep before 11pm and wake up before 8am (we need to have a healthy sleep routine to have our hormones regulated).
3. Drink at least half a gallon of water a day (the more hydrated we are, the less fluid our body retains)
4. Exercise regularly (with increased blood circulation, the body doesn’t hold on toxins and fluid)

What are your top 5 tips to overall detox and wellness?

1. Eat real food
2. Scrape your tongue first thing in the morning
3. Focus on Sleep
4. Avoid toxic relationships
5. Move and hydrate your body

What is your favorite aspect of your career?
My career is based on discipline and constancy. Owning a small business is very challenging – physically and emotionally. We won’t always be motivated and that’s when discipline comes into play. Having the discipline to be every single day giving my best for my clients, no matter what, is my favorite aspect of my career.

Any upcoming projects or new treatments we can be on the lookout for in 2022?
I am opening a new space in March in Beverly Hills. This is very exciting because I’ll have more girls working for me so I’ll be able to take new clients. Also, by the end of the year, I’ll launch training courses to teach people my methodology and hopefully help people all around the world to be healthier.

Photography by Eduardo Orelha

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