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How to Upgrade your Fall Hairstyle!

As the summer months give way to fall, it’s the perfect time for a hairstyle upgrade to refresh and rejuvenate your locks for the new season. The traditional go-tos: a dramatic cut color both require a major commitment, but a chic set of Invisible Bead Extensions® not only add versatility, length and volume to your do and are surprisingly healthy for your natural hair and scalp.

When McKenzie Turley was working behind the chair of her salon installing hair extensions, she noticed that the methods she was offering were not solving her clients problems. She sought out to come up with a way that offered true invisibility and flexibility of extensions without sacrificing the power of the transformation. Invisible Bead Extensions® was first created for the client, to wear extensions without fear of the wind blowing and their secrets being exposed. What happened after that, no one could have prepared her for!

How does IBE differ from other extension brands on the market?

IBE® is unique in every way. We pioneered the industry by offering the first ever headless, invisible flip up. We have excelled in offering comprehensive virtual education by pairing each stylist in our program with a personal mentor. We have taken it up a notch by including hands-on training in house with top educators and mentors. We have an exclusive
community across the world that is united by their passion for healthy and safe extensions. We are recognized globally as the #1 most requested method by consumers as well which gives our stylists business as soon as they are certified.

What are the benefits of IBE extensions?
The benefits of IBE® are unmatched. Our foundation is completely flexible from the start. We are meticulous and precise every step of the way. This results in the most customized and flexible extension install for our clients. At IBE®, we don’t stop at the install. We care about what the extensions look like weeks 1-8, sometimes even 10 weeks! Our method is extremely durable. In fact, during the covid shut downs, our clients were able to continue to grow their hair out while wearing their rows and they stayed completely intact. Talk about longevity!

What is the best way to style the extensions?

The best way to style your extensions is just the way you would style your own hair! That’s right, wearing IBE® is completely natural. You’ll want to take into consideration the attachment points and be mindful of where they are located. Otherwise, you can blow dry, curl and style just like you would without extensions. We use only 100% human hair, and actually holds your style longer than without wearing extensions. Doing the proper maintenance by oiling your extensions, regularly brushing and braiding your hair at night will maintain the longevity in your extensions.

You have also created a hair product line called Goldie Locks® Hair. Can you tell us about the products in the collection?
The Goldie Locks® concept was similar to IBE® in the way of solving a problem that almost all women face in their lifetime: hair loss. This time, we realized that there was a lack of supplements on the market that can really make a difference. Every solution that existed excelled in one area, but fell short in another. The Goldie Locks® supplements were created not only for hair and scalp health, but also for mood and energy. 1 daily dose is packed with nutrients that enhance hair health, stimulate hair growth, strengthen strands, and reduce thinning all while enjoying added beauty benefits, as well as energy, mood, and immune support.! I also realized there was a need for a hair care line that really provided the moisture and nourishment that clients needed on their biological hair and extension hair. The industry went through a high protein phase for hair care, but when diving deeper into the chemistry of the hair and what it actually needs to thrive, it’s actually hydration. Goldie Locks® hydrating shampoo, conditioner and mask were the start to solving that problem and we continue to develop more products with hair care as our first priority in mind.

What are your ultimate hair product must-haves as we transition from Summer weather to Fall?

I cannot live without my Goldie Locks®! From our wet products to dry products, I need it all. What I am really loving right now though is our new flexible hold hairspray. It was designed to give the hair hold but not be too stiff. It gives my curl memory for days which means I don’t need to put heat on my hair more than once a week. Paired with my 3 rows of IBE®, I am ready to head into fall being carefree about my look.

What are the biggest hair trends you’re seeing for Fall?
Fall is always a time for a reset to our look. Everyone around us goes more rich, and warmer with our hair color. But something that’s really trending right now is soft color, almost more solid with minimal contrast. We also see those high ponytails come back around when we are wearing more layers in the fall. I love a high and tight snatched ponytail, especially while wearing IBE®!

Where can we find an IBE stylist?
We have thousands of stylists all across the world. We have a stylist locator map on our website here: be sure to pay attention to our designation markers. We have so much continuing education in our program! All of our stylists on the map are certified and have gone through their initial training. With our IBE® Masters program, think of this like going to college for hair extensions, we have stylists who have completed their Masters of Technique, Business, Color and Cutting. You’ll find a wide range of stylists almost anywhere. And if you don’t, make sure to tell your stylist about our program!

Any new upcoming launches or products you can share with us?

As a matter of fact, yes! We have something really special coming to the industry later this fall. Invisible Bead Extensions® has been on the forefront of this development as we have turned our focus this year to bridging the gap between the texture community and the hair extension community. This fall, IBE® is launching a revolutionary virtual course titled “The Art of Texture: Honoring the Fabrics We Weave”, which will educate extension artists about the differences in hair textures and how to properly prepare, install, and maintain extensions on their curly guests.

We are also expanding our store offerings to include a curly option in 8 stunning colors to its professional buyers. This project has been a labor of love for years, learning and studying the connection between IBE® and texture. We are thrilled to share this with our industry and give our stylist community the confidence to work with texture and extensions.

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How would you describe the overall concept of IBE?

What started as a method for my own clients, turned into education for stylists. IBE® was the first of its kind, to keep our foundation completely discreet. The concept of IBE® truly brought together clients and stylists alike. Clients were looking for better extension options, and stylists were looking for more advanced education. By offering virtual education, paired with hands-on education after initial training, we have created an unstoppable force of providing solutions for our clients by giving stylists the utmost confidence in their education.

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