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The key to a good night’s sleep? It’s all in the mattress

If ever you thought finding a mattress was a simple task, think again. What lies beneath your sheets is what truly makes a decadent night’s sleep, as PlushBeds California has created the ultimate mattress of your dreams. Its sleek, organic latex mattress is optimized to be universally supportive and is delivered in its compact cardboard box directly to your doorstep.

Its critically acclaimed sleep surface was developed in-house, has a sleek design, and is delivered in a small, “how did they do that?”-sized box.

PlushBeds California Mattresses sleep cool, provide healthy bounce, and promote ideal anatomic support. The science and technology put into a mattress plays a huge role when it comes to successfully getting some good shut-eye. PlushBeds California has created innovative models with a variety of feels, from soft to firm, and are equipped with new technology that ensures temperature regulation and body alignment.

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