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Skin Saver Must-Have:  Bionova Lab



Tried & Tested.  The ultimate skincare product line worth the investment.

Wintertime, with the dry weather, cold temperatures, harsh elements that accompany the season as well as indoor heating can often be the most challenging time for the skin. Our skin is constantly having to adapt to quick changes of temperature, hot and cold that inevitably contribute to the skin dryness, affect the skin elasticity, texture. The most sensitive targets become face, hands and feet.

Skincare is a crucial element in everyone’s daily beauty routine, but finding a formula that suits your specific needs is not always easy. Here at Modeliste,we have had the distinct privilege to try and test one of the most sought-after beauty lines in the industry and now swear by BIONOVA LAB’s simple yet highly effective products.

Using products that contain a whole complex of Bioactive Substances, like Bioactive Lipids, Long Chain Bioactive Carbohydrates, Structural proteins, Amino-Acids, etc. can help protect your skin from the harsh Winter elements. With BIONOVA, they have taken these Bioactive substances and used them to creates special NANO-COMPLEXES™ which enhance the overall skin barrier system. This vastly improves skin adaptation mechanisms and helps maintain the skin normal elasticity, skin tone and texture and ultimately prevents premature aging while providing healthy, radiant skin.

BIONOVA LAB offers not only customized skincare, but also a completely customized regimen and is proved to be a powerful, innovative and unparalleled skincare line. With just a few steps, dedication to the ritual and routine of cleansing, nourishing and protecting your skin,  your overall complexions will be transformed, giving  a naturally clear and  luminous result, more youthful-looking skin while increasing radiance and firmness, even in the harshest of temperature conditions.

“I used BIONOVA products for over a year and when I did I saw major
improvements. My hands and feet felt like “Buttah” they were so soft, and
my face never looked better. I recommend the custom blend for everyone who
wants beautiful skin”

Carole Bayer Sager

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BIONOVA is also available at DermStore

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