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Your New Flame This Summer



By Beatriz Zimmermann

The candle-savvy know the power and pleasure of a great candle. Once considered a special occasion go-to, a smoke signal for romance or a cozy winter wonder, candles are now so much more and a year-round thing. If anything, summer inspires new reasons to light up and places to glow. Think: al fresco entertaining, summer home décor and your best travel companions – all in scents that spark our wanderlust and maybe a new summer love. Ready to get lit?

D.S. & Durga (Pictured Above)
Big Sur After Rain

The name says it all and this California-vibed scent really delivers. We love this candle because it conjures two very summery experiences – the road trips we dream of and the sudden rain showers that cool and wash the air clean. Think wind and flora while winding down the California coast. When it rains the scent of eucalyptus rises and mingles with the waves. Hints of magnolia and wet wood add to this scenic scent.


Sana Jardin
Berber Blonde

This is a brand with many missions. Sana Jardin brings luxurious and sustainable fragrances to the world with the support of women entrepreneurs in the floral-rich regions of Morocco who expertly harvest (and upcycle) exquisite ingredients used for their beloved candles. The love goes full circle in candles like Berber Blonde, inspired by everlasting beauty and the orange blossom tree that blooms all year. Notes of neroli and fresh musk add to that summer sparkle we want.



Sunday Forever
Coconut with Milk + Cream

Anything coconut spells summer and instantly sparks a delicious vibe. This creamy dream-of-a-candle gives grown up paradise vibes with notes of coconut milk and a woody blend that’s not too sweet and more like a sophisticated treat. Luscious, laid back and luxurious all at once, we’re feeling it (and loving it).


Costa Brazil

Vela Jungle Candle

Cult candles exist and this is one. Tapping the abundance of the Amazon with ethically sourced ingredients and notes of sacred white and black Breu resin, jungle flora, and Brazilian vetiver, this serenely luxe candle emits a mood-enhancing scent that lifts and centers the spirit. Time seems to stand still, allowing you to hold onto every moment. Isn’t that what you want when it’s summer? This is the splurge you deserve.



Scandinavians have a deep appreciation for the natural world and all things hygge which is a Danish and Norwegian word for a whole lifestyle around comfort and coziness. That celebration for everyday moments and pleasures is at the heart of all the candle creations from Skandinavisk. Set your own Scandi scene with their Fjord candle that honors the crashing waterfalls, sweeping forests and abundant summer flora of Norwegian fjords. Notes of apple and pear blossoms, orchard fruits and red currant add to the celebration of life.


The New Savant

Summer Splendor

Brooklyn is in the house, in the backyard or anywhere you’re lucky enough to add this to your world. New to niche and born in arguably one of the coolest spots in the world, The New Savant brings something new to the table with unexpected scent medleys. Each inspired creation is all about ease – and joy. Embrace both with their Summer Splendor serving up sunny, green notes of Italian white wine, salty green olives, charred artichoke, and roasted sesame. This one’s a total crowd pleaser.



This now classic Australian brand was touting a plant-based approach to beauty and wellness long before it was a hot topic. This philosophy extends to their candle collection which offers the same thoughtfulness and sensory delights. Callippus brings a woody, earthy, green scent to the season that’s both subtle and rich with promise. Named after a Greek astronomer famed for refining the planetary theory of his time, we can’t think of a better companion as we gaze at those summer night skies.


Dinner Party

Entertaining is one of summer’s greatest pleasures and we’re always up for a little glamour (or a lot). This new London-based brand dives right in with the mingly magic of their Dinner Party candle. Housed in an artful holder that literally paints a party scene, the scent is smoky, woody and dressed up with aromatic notes of lavender and thyme for that elusive ingredient needed at any great gathering – ambiance.





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