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Editor-in-Chief, Amy McCabe introduces the June issue



Isis Valverde stars on our Summer Cover. The Brazilian Icon, gorgeous, charismatic and talented charmed us when we first met her for our photo shoot. Her personality radiates warmth as a ray of sunshine. Whether you see Isis in a bikini or in haute couture, who you see is who you get- in her own light.

Isis has conquered the TV industry in her country and is about to do the same in the US. With an amassed following of over 27 Million on her Instagram channel, she is the ultimate “It-Girl.” Best known for her roles in the TV shows “Edge Of Desire” and “A Mother’s Love,” Isis’ breakthrough role was in 2010 when she booked the lead in “ Ti Ti Ti.”

She has cultivated strong relationships with powerful brands that she strongly believes in including Givenchy, Tiffany & Co, and L’Oreal as well as charitable organizations she is passionate about. Isis is an enduring model who has captured the fashion industry’s fascination. With the ability to land the best modeling work and rising to stardom in her acting career, Isis is a true testament to how beloved she is in her home country as well as worldwide.

Our cover story also celebrates fashion and sustainability and to being more mindful and reflective about your choices in fashion highlighting how making small steps will, we hope, bring us to a moment of real change. It has never felt more important to champion and cultivate the many different ways we see our world, ourselves within our world, and to know why it’s worth sustaining.

Elsewhere in the issue we share our ultimate Summer fashion and beauty edits, as our most notable Labels We Love, and favorite summer travel hot spots.

Welcome to the Issue

Amy McCabe

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