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Four Seasons Serengeti Safari Lodge – Tanzania



Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Africa… a continent so diverse and extraordinary, its mysteries and wonders continue to intrigue, its breathtaking natural beauty and unique wildlife forever treasured and exploited, its fascinating cultures vibrant with histories of unparalleled devastation and loss, continuity, survival and strength. From the Sahara Desert, the Nile and pyramids, through mountainous jungles and vast savannah grasslands home to the world’s most spectacular wildlife, to the indescribable beauty and sparkling gems of its southernmost tip, Africa beckons modern day explorers and adventurers on a remarkable pilgrimage to discover and experience these wonders first hand.

The experience of a lifetime awaits at the Four Seasons Safari Lodge in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park….

Our first morning. A restless air of anticipation hangs in the predawn darkness, barely perceptible stirrings, rumblings and rustlings carry across the shivery stillness of the Serengeti. Anticipating our safari adventure, we are welcomed into this magical awakening by our Four Seasons Safari Team, our knowledgeable guides and drivers who will open our senses to the wonders and beauty of nature’s rhythms in the famed Serengeti savannah of Tanzania. Enveloped in the hush of dawn, we are gathered and ready for an early safari, cozy in warm jackets and blankets to shed once the sun warms the earth, and fortified with the breakfast temptations from the picture perfect buffet that greeted our morning. The sights and sounds, tastes, smells and amazing feel of our safari adventure are about to unfold.

We head out across the bumpy terrain arousing watchful families of antelope, gazelle and impala, who scatter with captivating graceful movements. Our guide expertly spotted animals long before they became visible to us and we headed toward them with elevated excitement. This first game drive led us to bands of elephants and zebra, giraffes, buffalo, baboons, warthogs on parade, incredible bird sightings (the secretary bird and hornbills were favorites) and, most remarkably, a pride of lions lounging in the sun, an unforgettable heart pounding photo-op so close we could hear their snores and contented rumblings. The magic of the Serengeti has us under its spell.

The previous day we had arrived at the Four Seasons Serengeti via bush plane, the spectacular views of the landscape from the air truly breathtaking. The panorama viewed from above revealed immense grasslands stretching to the horizon, its vastness interrupted by scattered stands of trees, rising hills and steep eroded valleys, and occasionally the distinctive circle of the enclosures or bomas defining Maasai villages. Our excitement rose as we spotted a lone male elephant walking near a dry river bed. Minutes later, we sighted a small herd of elephants, females and their young, emerging from clusters of trees, and nearby pairs of giraffes nibbling treetops. Through clouds of dust, zebras and wildebeest appeared to be on the move in the distance. These majestic vistas erased our travel exhaustion and made our hopes and dreams alive and real.

As we prepared to land, the stunning Four Seasons Safari Lodge came into view with its renowned waterhole positioned for optimal wildlife observations. The promise of being a spectator at the natural gathering of amazing wildlife at their waterhole, to be viewed from the luxury of private guest room balconies, private plunge pools or your huge soaker tub, or enjoyed from the comfort of terrace seating at Maji Bar, is one of the incomparable features that the Five Star Four Seasons offers its safari guests. Rated in Travel and Leisure’s Top 10 African Safari Lodge resorts, the Four Seasons Serengeti immerses its international clientele in an experience that combines the sumptuous modern luxury and artful African decor of spacious guest rooms, suites and villas, exceptional gourmet dining, wondrous encounters with Africa’s treasured wildlife and natural beauty, and memorable opportunities to meet and interact with the local Maasai people, appreciate their culture, lifestyle and vision for the future.

Upon our arrival at the lodge, we were instantly mesmerized by the traditional Maasai dancers’ colorful welcome and transfixed by the panoramic beauty that opens before us as we entered the lobby lounge. The view of buffalo and elephants gathered at the waterhole, baboons grooming while their babies chase and tumble nearby was an unforgettable sight to be repeated with new arrivals each day throughout our stay. Elevated walkways and platforms led to our rooms where, once again, the picturesque view is perfectly framed. A centerpiece four postered bed is so inviting after our journey and the room feels incredibly spacious and grand, yet homey with comfort seating, writing desk, marble bathroom and high end amenities throughout, including high speed WiFi, flatscreen TV, movies, in room streamed waterhole viewing, and mini-fridge refreshments. Choice accommodations offer one bedroom suites, interconnected suites and villas perfect for families, plunge pools, free standing bathtubs, and endless Serengeti views. African stone and wood and fabrics and art are brought together in ideal harmony.

In this remote and exotic corner of the world, the Four Seasons features dining experiences that are superlative in cuisine, tantalizing tastes and presentation. Each meal is to be savored, whether casual dining on the terrace or poolside or in the elegant lodge dining room. An international menu offers variety guaranteed to delight every palate. Friends old and new gather to refresh and enjoy the pleasures of crafted cocktails, a curated wine collection, and international beers to share their sightings and travel adventures. Our most memorable experience was dining in the bush in enchanting splendor lit by torchlight and candles under a breathtaking canopy of stars. Each course, each dish, each bite evoked joyous responses, a most heavenly dining experience defying all adjectives.

The awe inspiring Four Seasons Safari Lodge experience has so much to offer and is continuously filled with surprises… a glorious infinity pool for swimming, relaxing and refreshing, viewing and being viewed by the wildlife at the waterhole; a fitness center and yoga; a dedicated kids’ area for crafts, educational activities for aspiring naturalists, and lots of fun; a science room showcasing the nature and history of the region; presentations and entertainment. Guests may choose a fantastic guided walking safari with Maasai guides and park rangers; a guided meditation at sunset at a kopje hillock with a yogi and Maasai guide; excursions to a Maasai village or nearby town market; or an incomparable hot air balloon ride at sunrise. Afternoon safaris include sundowners with cocktails and canapes to enjoy the spectacular Serengeti sunset after your game watch.

Guests will find a Spa experience in one of the 6 freestanding pavilions is the ultimate in pampered relaxation. Refreshed, rehydrated, and unkinked in luxurious surroundings with stellar views, this is an oasis where mind, body, and spirit holistically unite through your expanded senses and the life changing Serengeti experience. The fulfillment of a lifetime dream is truly realized at the Four Seasons Safari Lodge in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park. Here you experience rarefied beauty in a place where time is treasured across eons and nature unveils its power to humble and inspire.

See our Photoshoot at Four Seasons Serengeti Lodge with Stella Hudgens, Irene Lara, Bridget Bahl, Lily Maymac, and Sophia Smith.
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