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Guest Editor Nazanin Mandi Introduces Her October Cover



As October’s Guest Editor of Modeliste Magazine, it is of the utmost importance to not only be a motivating force but to also lead with transparency when it comes to my personal journey because truthfully, if we all spoke about our personal experiences freely, we would all discover we have WAY more in common than we perceive. I’m here to tell you life doesn’t get easier, we just become stronger if we choose to put in the internal work .. and the work never ends. Battling Depression in my 20’s, Anxiety and Body Dysmorphia (to this day) has falsely implemented fear that has in the past stopped me from reaching MY full potential. If this is you, you are not alone, and the battle to defeat a toxic mindset is no easy feat … but it can be done. Once we commit to our goals and understand that the foundation to true success (whatever that means to you) is motivated by our wellbeing is the day our life truly begins to transform.

YOU CAN ACHIEVE PURPOSE AND PASSION SIMULTANEOUSLY. Be direct in your “wants” but flexible in your approach. Love yourself more than any form of negativity thrown your way and know that patience is one of your greatest virtues. I wish you all endless gratitude, peace, strength and happiness in every aspect of your being. May we all live a life of true authenticity and self fulfillment because, truth be told, no one is YOU and that is your POWER.

– Thank you to the Modeliste Team for the lovely opportunity and thank you to the readers for your time and support, it NEVER goes unnoticed. xo

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